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How to make a proper timetable?


The most frequently asked question to us is How to make a proper Timetable? Here are the tips-
  • To prepare for a competitive exam , the first and foremost thing is determination. It is like "If I want to do it, I will do it, No matter how". An Exam is just like a battle, give your everything to it, but stay calm as well.
  • Fix small targets like I will complete this and this topic in this week. This is the time for concept building. Learn more and more concepts and learn them by heart.
  • You need to plan actually every day according to the level of preparation you have done. You need to look out on every aspect of each subject and have to decide how much time to give to each topic.
  • Every day when you wake up, make a list of topics you will cover by the night. Strive to achieve the target. and if you fail, have a new start next morning. This is all about how much fight you can put.
  • Sleeping is also important. It freshens you up. Sleep of at-least 7 hrs is very vital. Do not sleep too much also as makes you dull and inactive.
  • In the schedule you need to take some short brakes of about 10-15 minutes after every 2-3 hrs of study.
  • Do not get disheartened if you are not able to keep up to your plans , make another plan and keep trying. Keep your spirit high.
  • Lets discuss subject wise.In physics you need to solve good amount of problems and keep the basics strong.Same is the case with Mathematics in which you need to spend your time practicing problems.In case of chemistry you need to concentrate a bit. Chemistry is a subject which needs least amount of input and gives the most output in terms of score. Do NOT neglect chemistry.
  • As far as concentration, you can also try meditating. It helps in relaxing your brain and concentrating.
  • If you take adequate sleep with proper diet and devote the rest of the time in properly planned study with breaks in about every 2-3 hrs of regular study you can surely get through this phase.
Best of Luck !!!
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