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How to tackle AIEEE?


Hey Pals,
So now as JEE has passed away and you did a lot of masti for last few days, Now is the time to concentrate on AIEEE. Those people who could not do well in JEE, do not worry , Prove yourself in the AIEEE, and those who are very sure that they will crack JEE, study a bit for next few more days and be on the safer side.

Here are some tips for AIEEE-
  • First go through the AIEEE syllabus because there are many new topics in it that were not in JEE. Carefully note down the topics and make sure you cover them while preparing.
  • The questions in AIEEE are simpler than JEE, and in some questions direct formulas will give the answers. So make sure you remember all the formulas along with the concepts.
  • TIME is a very important factor. Try to practice questions by setting a time limit. In AIEEE, the questions are simpler but time is limited. Make sure you maintain a fine balance while solving the paper.
  • In AIEEE, both speed and strike rate matter. You need to be quick and accurate to achieve high scores. High speed with less accuracy can actually ruin your results.
  • For practice, take last year paper than attempt it , create a Pseudo environment of exam. After attempting , calculate score and focus on your mistakes.
  • AIEEE is a simple but make sure you manage the time well. Read the instructions of the paper carefully.
We are hoping to hear Great and Happy scores from you all. So Get- Set - Go. Make the best of it and than tell us how was it?
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