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How to choose branch?


Institute vs Branch

One of the very big questions which pops out often in the student's mind, whether to go for better institute or better branch.

The decision is very important because you will spend next 4-5 years and graduate in that particular stream& from that particular institute. If you find jobs in core engineering sectors interesting, then what you would be involved in, for next 30-40 years, will depend on your choices filled during counseling in your JEE/EEE/BITSAT/VITEEE/State Level exams.

So an exclusive article focusing on this dilemma the students becomes essential.

But before we begin, the most important point to note is: "If you are reading it to fill your preferences in any engineering college then please listen to everyone but follow what you feel." Or in simple words: "Listen to all, but decide on your own".

We are presenting here the case wise analysis of the issue:

DILEMMA 1: Among the pre-2008s IITs, Compromise Branch or IIT??
A student with an AIR ~ 1000 is haunted by a big question:
- Civil @ IITB
- Chemical @ IITD or IITM
- Mechanical @ IITK or IITKGP
- Computer Science @ IITR or IITG
Totally confusing, isn't it?
What's now?

First thing, Take care in taking suggestions from people. Taking suggestions randomly might increase your dilemma. Always have a proper analysis on the logically correctness of given advice.
At this point introspection is required from the student's side. We will suggest try to find your field of interest.
We are presenting some of the major attractions which confuse a student while filling up the choices. Here we are mentioning some points try to find what attracts you more among these:

1.     Core engineering sector jobs/ Working in Industries/Designing some better mechanical design for some processes or event/Coding/ Application Development/ Concepts in studies / Research/ Further Studies etc.

2.     The glamour of a Metropolitan/ A better Lifestyle / Nice places for hanging out / Malls/ Theatres/ Decent Placements etc.

3.     Managements/ Finance/ Investments/ Consultancies / Entrepreneurship etc.

4.     Very passionate about continuing your Hobby like Photography, Acting etc.

5.     Still confused & you can't decide which among the above mentioned points attracts you more.

Arrange the above in an order that suits you better.
We hope you would have sorted your interest, and would have made your preference order except point number 5.
Now our analysis says:

Preference 1: Inclination towards point number one

     -     If you find point number 1 more interesting then, going with branch is undoubtedly better option. Among OLD IITs there is not any countable difference in infrastructure, research facilities, quality of faculties etc. If you are in a branch of your interest then you are going to have interesting next four years. Classes won't be load on you and studies won't be burden rather it will be interesting.
     -     Choosing a stream of interest always keep the door open for research.
     -     You will be satisfied with your job (that's after 4/5 years obviously) and your field of work for rest of your life.

What if later you find, you weren't interested in that particular branch ?
Suppose during the course of these 4 (or 5) years, you find yourself no longer interested in core engineering sector & see an interest developing in "Point No 3" , you will still have enough opportunities within the campus to develop your personality, entrepreneurship and managerial skills. The IIT system provides enough opportunities for everyone in all fields.

Core Jobs attracts but confused in field of interest!!
In this case, go through the curriculum of these streams, have a look at them, do some research on the internet,talk to professors of these streams, talk to students doing well in those fields. If nothing sorts you out, write to us!!!

Preference 2:Inclination towards point number two
Before starting, we would suggest you not to deviate from the point. We mean don't think that whether it should be a priority or not. One may feel what he/she is going to do with this point. Really don't get confused. Because IITs are IITs, then what's wrong in taking an IIT location wise better than others, so don't think whether it should be given preference or not, the point is what your mind says to you. The point is you must feel content and satisfied in your college life and if you find point number two more interesting then go with it. So in that case one can prefer IITB, IITD and IITM.
Being in metro gives better exposure to world. These places are hub infinite of opportunities. One can develop himself/herself in any field during his/her stay in college.

Preference 3:Inclination towards point number three
If you have already found a budding interest in Management / Finance / Entrepreneurship etc. then your involvement in campus life matters, as you will learn a lot from you seniors and people around you, even more than what you will learn from your professors. Repeating an already-mentioned point, all premier IITs give you equal opportunities for pursuing your interest within the campus.

If you are very much interested in appearing for CAT/GMAT after your graduation
You can prefer a Metropolitan (IITB/IITM/IITD). You can have good opportunities for coaching etc.

Management ranks higher than core engg sector in your preference list, but you are still confused:
Still confused if you are really interested in this?? Then going with a better stream is a better since it keeps both the doors (core engineering sector & management) open for you till the end of the 4 years.

Preference 4:Passionate About Hobbies
This is the simplest!!

You are passionate about your hobby:
If you desperately want a career in your hobby, then going with a Metro is better because of the available opportunities and the deep insight you could get into your hobby.

Preference 5:Still Confused??
Why?? What's the trouble??

You haven't got enough exposure in your school life / You haven't attempted to find your inclination in school life.
My dear friend, you definitely have nothing to worry about. Students from sub urban areas are often in such dilemma. In this case, work on this. Talk to several people belonging to different professions. Talk about their work. Talk about the difficulties. Talk about their satisfaction level. Talk freely. Talk aimlessly. Now see what attracts you and appeals to you more. Having a visit to different IITs and interacting with the already IITians before filling up the choices is also a good option.

You have taken the field engineering without much of your interest
Booking a ticket to an IIT situated in a metropolitan would be better.

Conclusion and Recap:
     -     If you are research oriented/ further studies/interested in a core engineering job etc., prefer the stream rather than the institute.
     -     If you just get the feel that "I am born for only a Metro life", then go to a metro.
     -     If you are inclined towards Management (core engineering doesn't attract you much), then go for a Metro.
     -     If you are inclined towards Management but are not really sure, then make branch your preference.
     -     If you are really passionate about your hobby then go to a metro and find ways to develop this as a career.

DILEMMA 2: B.Tech @ New IITs or M.Sc. @ Old IIT

     -     If you are very inclined towards studies and obsessed with having a B.Tech degree then prefer New IITs.
     -     If you are highly interested in management and you have confidence that you have done well in management areas, then Old IITs can be preferred.Being a part of core organizing teams for various fests & events, gymkhana/student's activity centers in old IITs 4 provide better opportunities than New IITs.
     -     If you are good at extracurricular activities (e.g. You are a national/state level player in some game, or a budding guitarist, or a debater, or a software designer, good communication skills etc. upto your satisfaction level), you can prefer an Old IIT with M.Sc. Satisfaction level here refers to your confidence level. Confidence comes from participation at various stages.
     -     Management oriented not very liberal for B.Tech and M.Sc. Then you can choose New IITs as one can find many different opportunities for personality development in New IITs. The best thing is that the division of opportunities, due to less strength the competition is very less and opportunities for development of personality are distributed in much more properly, and even better than as in old IITs. So New IITs can be preferred.
     -     Research oriented then New IIT or Old NIT should be the point of confusion. You can opt for an Old IIT also as you have an opportunity for branch change in your first year which depends on the basis of your performance in first year. All the IITs have different criteria for it which can be referred in brochure.
On the other hand, changing a branch isn't an easy thing to do due to quite high competition.


     -     Want a tag of IITian and highly desperate for the same then New IIT.
     -     Research oriented- at present condition a good old NIT/ IIIT Hyderabad etc are far better at present condition in terms of Infrastructure and resources.
     -     Management oriented and liberal for old NIT/ New IIT then one can prefer New IIT as the opportunities are distributed with much fairly.

The Different people put different arguments when it comes to New IIT/ Old NIT. The main contradictory logic is:
(a) IIT Guwahati established in year 1994 and NIT Trichy in 1964 but still IIT G now rank higher than NIT Trichy. It has got an international recognition and of course it is among student's preferred choice.
(b) In Year 1994 only one IIT was opened, but in recent years government has opened 8 New IITs and 10 New NITs and even some new IIMs. So efforts are distributed.In 1994 they were quite more focused so the development pace of IITG was very high. Though The New IITs have very high budget approximately 2110 crore rupees their development pace now depends on the cooperation from the state government, the administration of IIT, contractors etc. So at present New IITs isn't a single term to be coined for all the new IITs. Development pace of each and every new IIT should be considered by a student before filling that in his/her choice sheet. Till now none of the New IITs have seen their placements so placements can't be commented. But for student's general benefit, we would like to say IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Hyderabad and IIT Jodhpur have quite high pace of development.
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