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Dropping a year? Time to be serious...


Kaafi bada decision tha na, to take a drop or not ? Kaafi log bole honge not to repeat, par aapne apne man ki suni, You believed in yourself, That matters a lot.

Hey friends,

Taking a drop is not easy and we understand that. The pressure is several times more when you are taking a drop because there is no scope for mistakes. So here are some tips how to prepare and more important is how to handle the pressure.

  • Do not regret your decision - Do not let the thought come in your mind that What if I had not dropped? What if I had taken admission in the possible college? What if I do not make it this time also? Just Keep yourself away from such thoughts. These thoughts will tense you as well as waste your time. JEE is like a battle, You can't afford to waste your time so be positive. Whenever such a thought comes to your mind, Just shrug it and say, "Whatever happens, happens for the best".
  • Why you have an advantage? - There is a tendency in students who drop to feel inferior or not being confident. Just keep one thing in your mind, You are at advantage to other students giving with 12th, you have got more time to think over concepts, solve more questions, and better chance to make it in IIT, so use each and every bit of time you have got. Confidence is the key, do not loose confidence at any cost.
  • JEE syllabus is vast - You must be knowing that JEE syllabus is huge and all you have got is one year. So you need to complete the syllabus as well as do revision in less than a year. Hardwork is the key, there is no shortcut to success.
  • Keep yourself motivated - Motivation can do wonders. It all depends on your attitude. Forget the past, Just live in present. For next year, forget everything else, Just eat, sleep and study. Remember this is a battle, and this is your last chance to survive. You have to make through this battle.

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