National Law University, Jodhpur


National Law University, Jodhpur is an autonomous law university in India. The Institute offers under-graduate and post-graduate courses in various streams of law.

The National Law University, Jodhpur was set up in November 1999 (by the passing of the National Law University Act,1999 by the State Legislature of Rajasthan) under the leadership of Dr. N.L. Mitra. Since then the University has seen two more Vice-Chancellors and an equal number of under-graduate batches pass out. The first batch (both under-graduate and post-graduate) of the University was admitted in the year 2001. The first under-graduate batch passed out in 2006 with their graduation ceremony (First Convocation) organised in January 2007 and attended by the then Vice-President of India Bhairon Singh Shekhawat and the then Governor of Rajasthan and now President of India H.E. Mrs. Pratibha Patil.

The second under-graduate batch passed out in 2007 and the Convocation ceremony for them was organized on March 29, 2008 and was attended by the then Home Minister, Government of India, Mr. Shivraj Patil.


Undergraduate Courses

B.B.A.,LL.B. (Hons)

BBA LL.B., (Hons.) provides an integrated understanding of the interrelationship of Management Studies and Law in their entirety than in specified areas. These courses in Business Administration covers a vast domain of the contemporary areas of managerial relevance and provides the students an opportunity to focus on strategies to manage business in fast-evolving global environments, with a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, the impact of technology on commerce, managing the emerging markets of Asia and other global issues. Study of these courses will enable the students to develop a competitive edge over their counterparts in other institutions and help in taking them to the zenith of their career.


• To enable the students to study courses related to the market requirements and enhance their market value amongst other institutions of repute.
• To equip the students with the requisite knowledge of the diverse subject portfolios and enable them to handle situations efficiently.

Therefore, the B.B.A., program is consisting of courses covering:

• Mathematics and Statistics
• Basic Management Courses
• Finance
• Marketing and
• Human Resources

B.Sc. (Technology), LL.B. (Hons.)

Emerging facets of technology such as Information Technology, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutics, Nanotechnology, Electronics and Communication Technology have been generating variety of intricate legal disputes involving cyber crimes, product liability, environmental torts, intellectual property rights, regulatory proceedings and criminal cases. Furthermore, Scientific and technical evidence is more frequently presented in modern litigation resulting in new trends in judicial procedures. Hence, it is necessary to prepare skilled lawyers who can efficiently address these technology-generated legal disputes. Therefore, B.Sc. Technology is an integrated program being designed to provide extensive knowledge of contemporary technologies, having direct correlation with upcoming techno-legal disputes and IPR issues addressing the emerging trends in contemporary scholarship.


• To prepare specialized techno-legal professionals who can address legal disputes & IPR issues in the globalized scenario.
• To provide sufficient knowledge of rapidly growing technologies such as IT, Electronics & Communication Technology, Industrial Chemistry including Pharmaceuticals, Polymers, and Biotechnology
• To provide a practical exposure by means of well organized laboratory exercises and demonstrations.

B.Sc. Technology program is consisting of courses covering:

• IT, Electronics and Communication Technology
• Applied Chemistry (Industrial Chemistry)
• Biotechnology

B.P.Sc.,LL.B. (Hons.)

Public Policy is the base of government and state on which the entire process of governance thrives. Public Policy is the dynamic face of State and society. The nature of social, economic and political development of a society is completely dependent upon the public policy formulated by a government. Consequently, there is a strong interface between Law and Public Policy. Therefore, Bachelor of Policy Science has been designed in accordance with the changing nature of socio-economic conditions of the society. This is based on new developments in the wake of Liberalization and Globalization, which has led to the expansion of market-forces and the new kind of demand coming on the fore. Thus, a new approach towards designing the course, which can facilitate multidisciplinary integrated learning, becomes imperative. Multidisciplinary integrated learning is truly the hallmark of this course.


The main objective of this program is to provide extensive knowledge base to the students of Law. Law is a professional degree course that provides skills to the students. Skills without knowledge are incomplete and weak. Therefore, the Policy Science Honors courses are fine tuned to provide knowledge and analysis to the undergraduate students of Law. The courses have been selected and structured to add further value to the Law Courses along side providing an in-depth knowledge of Public Policy and Analysis to the students. The courses will also help the students to become social engineers equipped with alternative policy options.

The B.P.Sc. program is consisting of courses covering:

• Economics
• Political Science
• Sociology
• History
• Psychology

Post-graduate Courses

The University offers Post Graduate Degree Programs in:

LL.M. (Corporate Laws) (Admission will be through CLAT only. For details visit
LL.M. (IPR and Technology Law)
M.B.A. (Insurance) (Four Semesters - 2 Years)
Master of Science (Insurance) - (Two Semesters - 1 Year) - For Engineering Graduates only

All the above-mentioned programs are full time residential. Any of these programs shall be offered subject to a minimum number of ten students in each program.

Eligibility for Admission

M.S. (Insurance): 60% marks in aggregate in B.E./B.Tech.
M.B.A., Insurance: 55% marks in aggregate at the Graduate level in any discipline.

Candidates who have appeared/are appearing in the final year of qualifying examination may also apply.


Maximum intake in M.S. (Insurance) course will be 10.


15% and 7.5% seats in all courses individually will be reserved for SC and ST candidates respectively. A relaxation of 5% of marks in the eligibility criteria will be admissible to candidates of these categories. 3% seats in each category are reserved for physically challenged candidates.

Ph.D. Programs

The University offers registration for advanced research and Ph.D. Program. Interested candidates may apply to the University in the prescribed form.

Higher Research Programs

The National Law University offers LL.D., D.Sc. and D.Litt. Programs.

Ph.D. Program in Collaboration with IMT

The Ph.D. Programme in collaboration with National Law University (NLU), Jodhpur, aims at providing high quality training to the students to become distinguished, pioneering and innovative teachers, trainers, consultants and researchers. This collaborative venture will ensure that its Ph.D. students are equipped as to meet the global standards of quality learning.

The Ph.D. Degree shall be awarded by NLU in collaboration with IMT.

Areas of Research

Tentative prospective areas of research for this collaborative programme shall be in the field of Management, Science and Technology, Law, Humanities and other emerging and interdisciplinary areas such as IPR and Cyber Law & Security, etc.

Specifications of Research Programme

a. This 2-year Ph.D. Programme comprises of four semesters that may be extended up to four years (another four semesters). One semester is approximately for 6 months. The minimum period after which a candidate can submit his/her thesis shall be minimum two years and maximum four years from the date of registration.
b. Research can be conducted at either of the two institutions but the presentation of research synopsis and public defense of the thesis will be before the statutory body jointly constituted by the NLU and IMT.
c. In this collaborative programme, IMT will provide technical support to the Ph.D. candidates and faculty for online interaction through video conferencing.


Minimum eligibility for this Ph.D. Programme shall be Post Graduation in the concerned discipline or subject, from an Indian or a foreign University, with minimum 55% marks in aggregate or equivalent grade in the Post Graduate examination.

Residential Requirement for Research

For this Ph.D. Programme, a candidate shall be in residence at NLU or any campus of IMT for at least for 60 days in total in the four semesters of his research period. Here, each academic year comprises of 2 semesters.

Admission Procedure

The admission to this Ph.D. Programme will be through an Entrance Test and Personal Interview.

Modalities of Admission Procedure:

The admission in Ph.D. program will be through an Entrance Test & Personal Interview. Candidates short listed according to their performance in the entrance test will be interviewed and admitted to the program on the basis of their performance in the interview.

Evaluation Parameters

Following may be the evaluation parameters and weightage for the Personal Interview:

i. The total score including all the parameters will be 100.
ii. Subject awareness (includes awareness of contemporary developments in the subject): Weightage of this parameter will be 50.
iii. Research Credentials (includes publication of books, text, etc.): Weightage of this parameter will be 15.
iv. Motivation for research (includes preparedness i.e. topic identification, synopsis development, etc.): Weightage of this parameter will be 15.
v. Relevance of work profile to topic of research: Weightage of this parameter will be 10.
vi. Communication plus behavioural skills: Weight age of this parameter will be 10.

Other Modalities for Admission

Other modalities regarding admission procedure are as follows:

a. The broad field of research in which the candidate is interested shall be identified and recorded in the Personal Interview.
b. Candidates qualifying for the admission are required to pay the prescribed fees for provisional registration. The period of registration will be counted from the date of payment of fees.
c. The fee for each semester will be Rs. 25,000/- . The fees may be revised from time to time by the mutual consent between the NLU and IMT.
d. While staying at NLU or IMT campus to fulfill the residential requirement, the candidate shall bear boarding and lodging charges on his/her own.
e. At the time of admission, a Research Supervisor either from NLU or IMT, with mutual consent, will be allocated to the candidate as per the field of research in which the candidate is interested.
f. It will be optional for the candidate to choose one Co-Supervisor in consultation to Research Supervisor.

Other Technicalities During the Tenure of Research

a) After the admission, the Research Scholar shall remain in constant communication with Research Supervisor and Co-Supervisor as allocated to them.
b) The Research Scholar shall finalise his research synopsis in consultation with his Research Supervisor and Co-Supervisor (if any) within six months of admission.
c) A Research scholar shall make a presentation of synopsis of the research proposal in front of the Research Board. On the acceptance of the research proposal, the registration of the scholar shall stand confirmed. If the Board is not satisfied by the research proposal, the scholar shall revise the proposal and present it again before the Board.
d) The registration must be confirmed within one year of the provisional registration.
e) After registration, a research scholar must submit progress report at the end of each Semester (after every six months) indicating the extent of research work completed. This progress report shall be submitted to the Research Committee through the Research Supervisor with appropriate comments.
f) Meeting of the Research Committee may be held at the end of each semester to review the progress reports.
g) A Research Scholar admitted for this Ph.D. Programme shall take one compulsory course of Research Methodology. A Research Scholar is required to attend minimum of 30 classes of this course. Classes will be conducted online by the faculty members of NLU or IMT, the schedule of which will be communicated in advance. Each Research Scholar shall score minimum 60% marks in the examination held for this paper. The examination for this paper will be scheduled at the end of each semester. A Research Scholar shall take this examination at NLU or any of the Centres of IMT. A Research Scholar has to compulsorily clear this paper within one year from the date of provisional registration.

Submission of Ph.D. Thesis

(i) 6 Months prior to the submission, the Research Supervisor shall forward a panel of 12 external examiners, who are competent to evaluate the thesis, with full particulars of each to the Research Committee.
(ii) The Chairman of the Research Committee in consultation with the Co-Chairman shall appoint three examiners amongst the list submitted by the Supervisor.
(iii) A Research Scholar shall send 4 copies of the abstract of the thesis to the Registrar, NLU through the Research Supervisor, at least two months prior to the submission of the thesis. The abstract will be sent to the examiners along with the request to accept the work for evaluation.
(iv) A Research Scholar shall submit the thesis within a period of six months from the date of submission of Panel of Examiners. The Chairman and Co-chairman of Research Committee in consultation, may, on the recommendation of the Research Supervisor, grant an extension up to a maximum period of six months.
(v) A Research Scholar shall not be allowed to submit the thesis for the Degree unless the Supervisor is satisfied that the thesis is worthy of consideration for the award of the Ph.D. Degree.
(vi) The Research Supervisor forwards the thesis with the following certificate

a) That this research work has not been carried out earlier in its present shape.
b) That this research work is original based on doctrinal/empirical/factual/experimental/survey study or an analysis/ evaluation of existing facts or principles.
c) That the Research Scholar has fulfilled the residential requirements as per the rules.

(vii) Such a certificate shall be countersigned by either the concerned Dean of the Faculty of NLU to which Research Supervisor belongs or by the Dean IMT in case if Research Supervisor belongs to IMT.
(viii) A Research Scholar must submit four printed or typed copies of the thesis to the office of the controller of examinations of NLU.
(ix) The Research Scholar may incorporate in the thesis the contents of any work, which he/she may have published on the subject but shall not submit in the thesis any work for which a Degree has been conferred on him/her by NLU or any other University.
(x) The Chairman of the Research Committee in consultation with Co-Chairman will appoint members of the Board of examiners for thesis defense for each thesis submission within one month of the appointment of the examiners.


Admission to Undergraduate Programme :

Admission to all undergraduate courses is through common law admission test (CLAT) on the merit basis. All the undergraduate programmes are full time and residential.

For details visit :


The intake capacity of all the three undergraduate degree programmes (B.B.A., LL.B. (Hons), B.Sc.(Technology), LL.B. (Hons), B.A., LL.B. (Hons), put together is 100 students.)


The break up of the intake capacity is as under :

Scheduled cast : 15%

Scheduled Tribes : 7.5%

Physically Handicapped

3% seats in each category are reserved for physically challenged students.

Admission to Postgraduate Programme:

The University offers Post Graduate Degree Programs in:

· LL.M. (Corporate Laws) (Admission will be through CLAT only. For details visit

· LL.M. (IPR and Technology Law)

· M.B.A. (Insurance) (Four Semesters - 2 Years)

· Master of Science (Insurance) - (Two Semesters - 1 Year) - For Engineering Graduates only

All the above-mentioned programs are full time residential. Any of these programs shall be offered subject to a minimum number of ten students in each program.

Eligibility for Admission

M.S. (Insurance): 60% marks in aggregate in B.E./B.Tech.

M.B.A., Insurance: 55% marks in aggregate at the Graduate level in any discipline.

Candidates who have appeared/are appearing in the final year of qualifying examination may also apply.


Maximum intake in M.S. (Insurance) course will be 10.


15% and 7.5% seats in all courses individually will be reserved for SC and ST candidates respectively. A relaxation of 5% of marks in the eligibility criteria will be admissible to candidates of these categories. 3% seats in each category are reserved for physically challenged candidates.

Admission to Ph.D. Programs

The National Law University offers Ph.D. Programs in Law, Policy Science, Science and Management. Admission to Ph.D. Program is through Entrance Exam.

LL.D., D.Sc. and D.Litt. Programs

Eligibility, Admission and Enrollment for LL. D/D. Sc./D. Litt

1. A candidate seeking admission to a higher research degree must have pursued outstanding research in the concerned discipline and obtained the minimum qualifications required for admission as mentioned below:

(i) Must have obtained a Ph. D. or an equivalent degree from this University or any other recognized University, in the concerned discipline, at least 3 (three) years prior to the date of application.

(ii) Must have made significant contribution to research in the concerned discipline as evidenced by research publications in refereed journals.

2. A candidate seeking admission to a higher research degree shall apply to the Registrar by submitting the following:

(i) His/her bio-data giving details of educational qualifications, field(s) of specialization, research experience, academic distinctions etc.

(ii) Details of the proposed research work including the title of the proposed thesis (4 copies).

(iii) A brief account of his/ her recent research work, in about 1000 words on the subject relevant to the discipline in which he/ she has applied for admission to LL. D./D. Sc./ D. Litt. program, showing how far his/ her work is original and is contributory to the advancement of knowledge.

(iv) List of publication, indicating the refereed/non-refereed nature of the journal. (Reprints/off-prints of some important publications should be attached.)

(v) Attested copies of certificates in support of the qualifications and experience.

(vi) Migration certificate in original or enrollment number of this University.

(vii) An application fee of Rs.2500/- in the form of a draft payable to the Registrar, National Law University, Jodhpur.

3. The University will consider the application as per rules and prescribed procedures. If found suitable, the candidate will be provisionally admitted and an Advisor shall be appointed.

4. Once a candidate has been provisionally admitted by the program for higher research degree, he/she shall be required to pay the fees as prescribed by the University. Payment of fees will complete the process of admission. The period of registration shall count from the date of receipt of fees by the University. Payment of fees will complete the process of admission. The period of registration shall count from the date of receipt of fees by the University.

5. The candidate will be finally enrolled as a research scholar for higher research degree after the completion of the aforesaid requisites and submission of original migration certificate.

6. The minimum time span for the submission of the thesis by the research scholar will be three years from the date of admission. The maximum period shall be five years.

7. In case, the scholar is not able to submit thesis within the prescribed time limit, he/she may apply for extension of the period to the Vice-Chancellor, through the Advisor and Dean of the Faculty. The Vice-Chancellor may grant an extension to a maximum period of two years.

8. In case the scholar is not able to submit the thesis within the prescribed or the extended period, his/her enrollment as a scholar will be cancelled.

9. No research scholar shall join any other courses of study or appear at any other examination conducted by a University or a public body.



NLU proudly acclaims the largest campus spanning in 50 Acers of land at Nagour Bikaner National Highway, just 11 kms from Railway Station and 13 Kms from Airport. All the dignitaries who have visited the campus have showered accolades on the institute for its excellent infrastructure. The campus was planned with an extremely futuristic vision, taking into account the need for adequate acoustics in each classroom, for comfortable work stations for each faculty member, for sports and recreational facilities, for adequate mess facilities, for the multi-cultural student base and for further expansion and growth.

Academic Block

NLU has Completely air-conditioned classrooms. LCD Projector is installed in each classroom. Furniture of each classroom is designed in such a way that at one hand it suits for lecture methodology fix sitting arrangement and on the other hand it is suitable for class room discussions in peer group with rotating chair arrangements. Entire academic block is Wi-Fi.


The Library of National Law University Jodhpur has a collection of more than 11508 books. The library subscribes to more than a 89 Indian and foreign journals. The library also subscribes to online services from Westlaw, J-stor, Manupatra, Heinonline and Lexis-Nexis. Library services are fully automated with SOUL software with bar-code enabled technology. It follows the universally acceptable dewy decimal classification for arranging documents. The library is also fully enabled with wi-fi access to internet and digital library services. In order to improve the communication skills of students the library is also equipped with a lingua phone lab. Library also maintains flexible timings in order to facilitate the student’s learning schedule.

Science Laboratories

The institute is the only Law University in the country, which has well equipped Science laboratories. It has Electronics & Physics, Chemistry and Life Science Laboratories to provide first-hand experience of science and technology to the students to cater to the demand of globalised knowledge society on integration of law and technology to address legal issues pertaining to rapidly growing technological development.

IT Savvy

Our University is extremely IT savvy with Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the campus and 24 hour availability of the internet at 1Gbps speed .The University has a student computer ratio of 1:1 and each student is connected globally 24 X 7. The University has subscribed to online libraries like westlaw, manupatra, jstor, heinonline and lexis nexis.

Computer Lab

Library block has a well-equipped computer Lab with latest configuration. It has 1 Gbps Internet facilities. It facilitates faculty members & students to explore online libraries and knowledge resources.

Halls of Residence

University mandates students’ residence within its campus. The University has sprawling halls of residences for boys and girls separately. There are 6 Halls of Residence for Boys and 5 Halls of Residence of Girls. Halls of Residences are so designed as to provide aesthetic look as well as create an environment of learning. University provides single accommodation; student having a room with a balcony facing green campus. Every room has been provided with internet and a separate telephone connection. All the Halls of Residence are well connected through a LAN at 100Mbps connectivity.

Guest House

A well-furnished Guest House is available to accommodate guests conveniently.

Mess Block

A well-furnished Mess block with proper sitting arrangements is present. Hygienic veg and non-veg nutritious food is served to the students.


The campus have well equipped gyms. One is exclusive for girls and one for boys.

Student Activities

The Legal Aid Clinic of National Law University, Jodhpur plays an active role in spreading legal awareness amongst the rural masses of Rajasthan through educational street plays and free legal advice.

In September 2009, the Sports Committee of the University hosted Yuvardha, the University's first Inter Law College Sports Fest. The success inspired the Jodhpur students to a new high. The student body then came up with a football league for law students- Lex la Liga (league of lawyers). The league is a professionally organized system based on a 5-a-side format (popularly known as 'Futsal'), played between five teams owned by individuals or consortia of students and alumni. It is run by a student managed University Football Association- the 'Asociación De Fútbol De La Universidad', inspired by cricket's Indian Premier League, with a 'Commissioner' and a 'Sheriff' to oversee the entire league. The first edition of this league was successfully conducted in January-March, 2010.

The University hosted its first Inter Law College Literary and Cultural Fest named NH-65 from the 7th to 10th of October, 2010. Deriving its name from the location of the University on National Highway No. 65, the fest had a wide array of events including the flagship Parliamentary Debate, Presidential Debate, Mega Quiz and a concert by the Chennai based rock band Junkyard Groove.


Jodhpur, also known as the ‘Sun City’ for the bright, sunny weather it enjoys throughout the year and the ‘Blue City’ due to the blue-painted houses around the Mehrangarh Fort is the second largest city in Rajasthan. Apart from handicrafts, the city also produces metal utensils, bicycles, ink and sporting goods.

Jodhpur experiences a wide range of temperatures. In summer, the maximum temperature is around 42oC and the minimum temperature is around 37oC. In winters, the maximum temperature is around 27.5oC and the minimum temperature is around 15.5oC.

Jodhpur gives one a perfect Rajasthani experience. The Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mehrangarh Fort and Jaswant Thada are specimens of exquisite architecture. Old City, Clock Tower, Kapra Bazaar and various other centres are available for shopping. Jodhpur is also a centre for treating oneself to all the special Rajasthani delicacies, apart from restaurants like McDonalds and Pizza Hut.

Jodhpur is connected with railways to major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Kota, Kanpur, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Guwahati, Nagpur, Lucknow and Jaipur. The Jodhpur Airport provides daily flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Udaipur and Jaipur.


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