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IIT Mandi is the youngest Indian Institute of Technology established by the MHRD, Government of India in 2009. It is the only IIT nestled in the lowermost climatic zone of the serene Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh. IIT Roorkee has been designated as the mentor of IIT Mandi.

To be a leader in technical knowledge creation, education and innovation, in an India marching towards a just, inclusive and sustainable society.

1. To create and impart knowledge through team effort and individually for the benefit of society.
2. To produce professionals capable of creating knowledge and conceiving, designing and developing products and processes for the benefit of our society, through team effort and individually.
3. To impart the ability to analyze problems of the society and devise globally recognized innovative approaches and solutions.
4. To inculcate a spirit of entrepreneurship.
5. To work intensely with industry in pursuit of the above goals.
6. To train teachers capable of inspiring the next generation of engineers and researchers.
7. To be an efficient and decentralised organisation with overriding respect for ability and merit.

As of 2010, IIT Mandi has 5 'Schools' for education. They offer undergraduate degrees in three technical disciplines-Computers Science, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. More academic and research programs will be offered as in other IIT's in the years to come.

The library has almost all the necessary course-related books and other kinds of periodic journals, magazines and other related books.

The curriculum, course structure, syllabi, and the fee structure are presently the same as that at the mentor IIT, i.e. IIT Roorkee. An independent metamorphosis is in process now with a strong emphasis on laboratory, design practicum courses and projects, to complement theory courses that are also being modified enthusiastically by a very competent young faculty recruited by the Institute. Many faculty members have already been able to attract external funding for their research projects as well.

Scholarships are awarded to deserving undergraduate and post-graduate students of IIT Mandi on the basis of Merit-cum-means. Other scholarships such as the HTRA scholarship are also available.

Since July 2010, all classes are being held in a transit campus in Mandi town, where sports and recreation facilities have also been developed even as steps to move to the permanent campus in Kamand, nearly 14 kms away, are being speedily taken.

Campus Life

IIT Mandi is fully residential. There is a 100-seat hostel for the first year boys adjacent to the Academic Block and another 100-seat hostel for the second year boys about 2 km away. The 25-seat hostel for girls is located along with faculty residences on a hill overlooking the campus.

The campus is placed at a beautiful location with mountains surrounded all over and the river Beas flowing nearby.

IIT Mandi has initiated a culture of cultural and technical societies. These societies will seek to exploit various talents of students. To capture the cultural talent, abound in students, a Cultural Society (CUL-SOC) has been conceptualized. It is further divided into various sections such as the Music Section, Magazine Section, Dramatics Section and Choreography Section. Technical societies for robotics and web designing are present too. There is also a Hiking and Trekking Club that caters to the spirit of adventure in the IIT Mandi students by availing the campus location.

IIT Mandi organised a Cult-cum-Tech Event in the later part of their initial year. The event was organised by IIT Mandi students as a thanksgiving gesture towards IIT Roorkee. Spanning over 3 days, Naissance had a cultural evening, followed by a plethora of technical events. This was the first event organised by IIT Mandi, and was aptly called "Naissance", which means 'Beginning'. The event was a huge success, and was appreciated by one and all.


School of Computing and Electrical Engineering
School of Engineering
School of Process Technologies
School of Basic Sciences
School of Humanities and Social Sciences


Mandi, also known as Zahor, rests on the bank of the river Beas. Located north of Shimla, the beautiful hill station is well known for its plenty Shaivite temples and their architecture.

Mandi has pleasant and warm summers from April to June, freezing winters accompanied by heavy snowfalls from November to February and average rainfall in the monsoons from July to September.

Mandi has at least 81 Shaivite temples, and is famous for the "Shivratri", an international fair held in the month of March every year. One can also discover the beauty of the place at the Sunken Garden, Parashar lake, Kamru Nag lake, Barot valley and Jehjheli valley.

Kiratpur is the nearest railway station to Mandi, which is nearly 125 km away. Kiratpur is well connected to all other Indian cities via Chandigarh. Bhuntar is the nearest airport to Mandi, which is 59 km away from Mandi, but Delhi is the major nearest airport, which is about 460 km away from the city.


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