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Picasso Animation College is set up with the vision of bringing in the global standards of animation industry to India and provide high caliber animation professionals to studio handling international projects.
To facilitate this at the fast pace, Picasso Animation College has implemented the best of international standards and practices and set up international alliances. They are staffed with the professionals with expertise in animation production as well as academic practices.
Picasso Animation College has earned a reputation as a stalwart in the field of animation. Established by Picasso Digital Media (Pvt Ltd), the Picasso Animation College has endeavored to instill and nurture creativity in talented individuals so as to sculpt competitive professionals and imbibe them with the tools necessary to flourish within global standards of quality.
Much like its namesake, the Picasso Animation College stresses upon creativity and inspires its students to think beyond the box. Their fruitful partnership with the Centennial College based in Canada has allowed us to provide valuable insights to our students and bring them in sync with the current international curricula with respect to Animation. The faculty is synonymous with competence and informative exhaustiveness, being suitably enhanced with the influx of technological and creative experts from beyond borders. The College has always emphasized on a qualitative approach in blending a potent mixture of creativity and technology to empower students in carving a niche for themselves in the rapidly-proliferating animation industry.


Picasso Animation College has established globally applicable standards and practices for admission procedure along side its international alliances. Committed to promote student success, the College is staffed with professionals who understand the academic world as well as the animation and multimedia industry. This ensures the emphasis on imparting practical education and expertise with a focused and customized approach.

The wide range of programs offered at Picasso consists of Career degree (BSc and MSc) programs in animation and multimedia, to specialized STAR programs for advanced filmmaking. The College also recognizes the needs of the Indian and international Gaming and Web designing industries with specialized anchor programs dedicated to Game Art, and Web Graphics. Also available are a variety of short-term programs on animation and multimedia softwares and techniques for working professionals who want to enhance their existing skill-set and transcend to the next level.
While the basic eligibility differs for these programs, the fundamental quality looked at is a flair for innovation and creativity. Picasso's endeavour is to nurture this aptitude with the right dosage of technology thereby sculpting competitive professionals, imbibing them with the quality tools necessary to flourish and grow in the global arena.
The courses on offer include:
Career Programs
BSc (Multimedia) with specialization in Digital Film Making & Visual effects
MSc (Multimedia)
STAR-Advanced Film Making

Skill-set Programs
pgamma Game Art
Web Graphics

Specialization Programs
pbeta DFM
pprofessional Maya
pexpert MAX
pspecialization Pre-Production
palpha VFX


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