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Graphiti is an innovative training facility that stresses the importance of creativity in computer graphics.
At Graphiti they believe that it is not the technology that drives results, but the artist. Therefore the instructors are industry professionals with traditional backgrounds who started using the technology to bring their imaginations to life.
Graphiti provides a solution for the lack of well-trained digital artists. High-end three-dimensional software packages are tools which have become incredibly deep and versatile. However, there is an unfortunate lack of well-designed, production-specific s. The reasons for this are clear, as large educational facilities are not able to add the necessary facilities and courses as quickly as the toolsets change. In conjunction with several major studios across Mumbai, Graphiti's curriculum and facilities have been designed to constantly evolve to reflect any new demands that may arise from the entertainment industry.
At no other school are the directors and instructors are more involved in the production process. They work and consult for Graphiti studio.


The courseware is designed to provide for standardization of the faculty student interaction at session level.
Individual faculty member would have the flexibility to innovate within this framework in each session to ensure learning by the entire class. The learning objectives are defined at every level and provide the benchmark for the pace and the detailing needs. The individual faculty member discusses these issues with other faculty and arrives at specific plans for the class. The courseware was refined with their participation, both in terms of content and the structure for class work and lab work.

G-CAT Premium
(Graphiti Courses in Animation Technology Premium)
Duration : 2 years
Eligibility : H.S.C. + 18 yrs above
Entry Criteria : Graphiti Entry Test
At the end of the course, the student will have a thorough understanding of the Animation principles, art and technology of animation. The student will have a sound knowledge of all the areas of animation production with a specialization in two of the animation production. Also the student will be Industry-ready to work in any animation studio from day one of the employment.

(Graphiti Courses in Animation Technology Pro)
Duration : 12 months
Eligibility : H.S.C. + 18 yrs above
Entry Criteria : Graphiti Entry Test
At the end of this term, the students are ready to work in any animation outfit, with a high level of expertise in their area of specialization.

G-CAT Master
(India's first Post Graduate course in Pre production processes of Animation film making for Fine Art graduates )
Duration : 12 months
Eligibility : Degree/Diploma in Applied/Fine Art or Equivalent.
Entry Criteria : Art Portfolio consisting of sketches and drawings preferably life study ( college exercises)
Statement of Purpose (Essaying why the student wants to do animation)
Short Film - Optional (Animation or Live)
Graphiti Entry Test (GET)
After completion of the course, the student would be able to visualize and conceptualize animation content of professional quality. The student will have the skill and knowledge to create creative assets needed for making an animation film.

G-CIM Spectra
(Graphiti Courses in Interactive Multimedia Spectra)
Duration : 10 Month
Eligibility : H.S.C. + 18 yrs above
Entry Criteria : Graphiti Entry Test
The Multimedia course is designed to train students in various media applications like Print, Moving and Interactive media. This course is ideal for students wanting to make a career in the Media industry as Graphic Designers, Visualisers, Artists, Interactive programmers, Instructional designers, e-learning designers, Animators, Film makers, Media Planners.

G-CAT Game Design
(Graphiti Courses in Game Design)
Duration : 10 Month
Eligibility : H.S.C. + 18 yrs above
Entry Criteria : Graphiti Entry Test
This course will educate student in making PC level games. The course is concentrating on 2D games which can be played on PC, Online & PSP platform. Student will learn concepts & mechanics on game development.


Admissions to Graphiti courses can be had only after an aptitude counseling session. Aptitude counseling is not a test, but an exercise for the student to check and analyze his/her strengths and weakness for a course in animation.
Contents of Aptitude Counseling
Aptitude counseling consists of two stages:
1.A written exercise
2.A Counseling sessionWritten exercise
The written exercise is a set of questions, to test the student's knowledge, passion, orientation and visualization skills for animation.
Duration for the written exercise 60 minutes.
No Special preparation is needed for the written exercise.
Counseling Session
The Counseling session is conducted by one of the senior members of the school. This session includes discussion on animation industry, career options, course and effort needed to complete the course.


Graphiti School of Animation (GSA) was set up to implement this vision to cultivate the unique qualities of each student through an interesting curriculum, in an inspiring environment, under the guidance of committed trainers and industry experts.
Deserving students start their career with leading animation studios. Studio heads from the industry are invited to the school for campus placement. We are proud to say that we have a 100% placement record.
Studios are invited to Graphiti School of Animation to recruit students. For further details on placements contact:
Placement Cell, Grafiti School of Visual Art
404, Udyod mandir no.2
Udyog Mandir 2, Mahim West
Mumbai 400016


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